Friday, 31 July 2015

Across the Dark Peak from Yorkshire to Derbyshire

The weather at the beginning of this week, in late July, was truly awful, but there seemed to an improvement towards the latter half of the week so, me 'n' Tilly packed up for a trip.

Chrissie dropped us off near the Flouch Inn late in the morning and we were soon on our way up Cut Gate.

Dropping down to Slippery Stones we turned north up the Derwent Valley and, in no time at all, found a likely place to camp, just inside Yorkshire, the county boundary being along the river. Tilly and I like to get our fix now and again, both being born in God's own county.

I fed Tilly first so she was kind enough to read out the instructions for my evening meal.

Bright and early next morning we headed off north again, following the valley. 

Eventually, the path veered off to the right, taking us up towards Shepherds' Meeting Stones, where we stopped for a break.

From here it was up onto the watershed where we turned our sights to the vast lump of Bleaklow. Crossing back into Derbyshire on the way, it was a long, somewhat boggy trudge to Bleaklow Stones, but the weather had a kindly face.

Now it was time to wander down to a favorite wild camp location, south of the summit and a well earned rest for my best pal. Only a few months ago, with a resurgence of her spinal problem, I thought I'd never again see her tackling such a walk.. She has an almost constant, slight limp from her front left elbow but, following advice from her personal orthopedic consultant, as well as our own vet, we just keep up her exercise regime. She's on three drugs a day now but she's living life to the full. Bless her. By the way, she only had her warm coat (the forecast was for cold nights) and towels in her panniers; very little weight really. Just enough to save some space in my sac. 

She's VERY good at letting me know when the pot's boiling.

 It was a beautiful evening.

Next morning came, along with more sunshine as we readied ourselves for the journey home via Snake Summit.

At Ashop Head I made a brew, something I haven't done, on the trail, in maybe thirty years. Today, it just felt right, 'specially with real coffee.

Despite have walked down here more times than I care to remember, this is the first time I've noticed the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank; just a white spot on the horizon.

We were home in time for lunch. Tilly and I had a fine old time. I love backpacking with my dog.

Life is good.