Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The cycling bug bites deeper

About 10 days ago I joined a cycling forum: Cycle Chat. Up to then I'd been quite happy pootling about on my mountain bike and my conservative little tourer. Now, I've joined the dark side!

Less than a week after joining the forum it was our anniversary. 
Having exchanged cards over breakfast I said to Chrissie,
"I need a road bike."
"Cos Cycle Chat says so."
"Oh ... well, you'd better get one then."
Kiss X
So, off I went to Decathlon in Stockport.
"Got one o' them there Triban 500 thingys?"
"They're not released yet sir."
"But they're on t'internet site."
"Well what about a Triban 5 then?"
"Not in your size sir."
"Well what have you got in my size?"
"Just these white Triban 3s."

I didn't want a white Triban 3.

So I set off home, disgruntled. But, on the way, I called into a local bike shop. And after two hours ... I came out with this.

It's a Cube Peloton Pro Triple. Last year's model, but an absolute bargain (honestly darling xxx).

That was just four days ago ... and I'm hooked. The thing positively flies up hills, so little is its weight. I feel like Bradley Wiggins ('cept about 30 years older, Geoff!).

Anyway ... I blame it on Cycle Chat.

And yes, I have got lycra to go with it and no ... I'm not shavin' me legs!

The cycling adventures continue

Just about finished packing for our trip to the highlands next week. We're off up to Killin in the van, joined by our pal Hamish in his van. Once settled in there, Hamish and I are off on a four day wild camping trip of around 140 miles. Chrissie will be having fun with the dogs, around Killin. When Hamish and return we hope to tackle Ben Lawers and, possibly, Schiehallion.

Here's Chrissie showing Hamish how to erect one of our Terra Nova Superlite Voyagers. We have two of these, the newer being significantly lighter.

Here's my Dawes Karakum loaded up and ready to roll.

And here's Hamish with his trip-prepared Whyte 809 MTB.

Despite the strange look on his face, Hamish is quite excited about the trip, never having done anything like it before. Hamish is responsible for my having got into cycling and now it's my turn to introduce him to my world of travelling, by any means, far not fast. Whilst I have plenty of experience backpacking in the mountains I've never travelled like this with a cycle before, save for a one night shakedown trip to Leek and back earlier this year. Really lookin' forward to it!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Caught the cycling bug

Since Chrissie bought me a new mountain bike for my big birthday last year I've bin bitten by the bug.

My pal Hamish & I have enjoyed many off-road  rides together including on Arran last October, which was when I suggested tackling the Coast to Coast cycle ride (C2C).

So, the plan was hatched and the date set; Easter 2014.

In between times I bought myself a touring bike; fancying the idea of ... touring.

I had fun trying cycle camping/bikepacking for the first time in my life. Went off from home to Leek and back to see what a fully loaded bike felt like. Covered around 75 miles over two days. Such fun:

So enamoured was I with my new Dawes Karakum that I opted to use this for the C2C. Hamish stuck with his trusty Whyte MTB.

We had a great time.

It was just wonderful and not really that challenging. We must be sooooo fit!

I feel dangerously like a proper cyclist ... so I went out and bought some lycra to celebrate.

Soon we're off to the highlands for a cycle tour with wild camps. Hamish has got really carried away and bought a rack for his trusty Whyte! The gullible fool.