Thursday, 31 August 2017

Summer Sale 2017

It's that time of year again. Chrissie and I have been re-assessing the contents of our gear room (also known as spending more money) and, as a consequence, we're letting some of our treasured gear go to some lucky people out there in the real world.

Everything listed here is in really good condition. It's kit we've been happy to use and which has served us well but has lots of life left in it. 

The two sleeping bags are for sale cos I've just ordered a new one which is less heavy than my frequently-used Ascent 700, but a little more versatile for my purposes than the Quantom 400, so it'll replace both.

As for the rucsac, though a popular model, Chrissie has never quite got on with the fit. Rucsac choice is a very personal thing. We've both been happy with Osprey sacs for many years and she's awaiting delivery of another one which we hope will suit her better.

So, first up, a Rab Quantom 400 sleeping bag. This is an obsolete model but the nearest current spec would be the Rab Neutrino 400, current rrp £325. 

Women's lower limit 2.5C, men's lower limit -3C, extreme survival -20C. It weighs 1kg and comes with the original stuffsac. Left hand zip. It's filled with 750 down and has a Pertex cover. It's clean and has no damage. The bag's about 10 years old but has actually seen little use; maybe a dozen nights at the most. Yours for £60 plus p&p.

Next, a Rab Ascent 700 down sleeping bag. This is a current model, see here. Current rrp £260. The spec's all there to see on Rab's site so I won't repeat it, save to say it's filled with hydrophobic down, has a left side zip and is a roomy bag, being more rectangular than most. It's two years old and I've used it regularly, but it's clean, undamaged and ready for use. With the original compression stuffsac and cotton storage bag (which still has Rab's swing label attached). For sale for £100 plus p&p.

Finally an Osprey Kyte 66, women's backpacking rucsac. It's not the current model, but the previous one; four years old. It is, essentially, the same as the latest one. The current one's rrp is £160. Chrissie has removed the inside divider (which is supposed to provide separate sleeping bag storage, but stops you using a waterproof liner). There is no raincover with it. It's had little use because Chrissie has found her bigger Osprey more comfortable. So again, clean, undamaged and totally usable. It's the small/medium size which, according to the label, has a back length from 41 to 51cm, having an adjustable back/harness. For sale for the paltry sum of £60 plus p&p.

If you're interested in any of these we'd need a bank account transfer for the cash and the item will be quickly dispatched to you by registered, first class mail. We don't do Paypal, sorry.

Don't delay, if you want anything. In our experience, quality kit like this goes quickly.

Contact me on Twitter here or Chrissie on Twitter here or by commenting on this post, in which case I'll get an email alert. Don't worry if your comment's not posted automatically, they come to me for moderation first.

Be quick to be the proud new owner of any of these items.

UPDATE: all the above items sold, within a few hours of posting. Thanks to Andy, Seanna and Mark. Hope the kit serves you well.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Sarek, Arctic Sweden, August 2017, part 2

With the river crossing behind us, for the second time, we plod south under glowering skies, before pitching again in mosquito HQ.

We've settled into a routine now, this being out fourth night out. We pitch the outer together, then Chrissie wanders off to filter sufficient water for the night. I, meanwhile, hang the inner and drag both sacs inside, quickly to avoid any mossies which don't have appropriate passes (I haven't issued any). I empty the sacs, placing our gear down each side of the tent, then aim to have both XTherms inflated before Chrissie returns. We're glad of our Thermarest chair kits when holed up like this. It makes for comfortable reading and partaking of vittles.

And in the morning we make it back to the trail junction and turn north-east towards the Parte hut.

It begins to rain. The trail becomes hideously rocky again. The rocks are the rain. We decide to pitch and get out of...the rain.

It rains ALL through the night. But, by morning, it's stopped and we're off again. passing the shores of Stuor Dahta along the way.

By mid afternoon we're at Partestugan. We're greeted by the host, a lovely lady who serves us delicious strawberry juice and refuses payment.
"Courtesy of the STF," she says, with a smile.
But camping near the hut would cost us around £20 each (including use of the toilets and kitchen). Chrissie's tempted but my Yorkshireness wins through and we find a tight pitch just around the edge of the lake, Sjahttjakjavrre. We plan to stay here two nights and take a walk up to a high point on the Kungsleden, north of here, in the hope of a good view.

For the first time we have coffee and dinner outside the tent. There are still little, bitey bastards but not so many and our Mosiguard sees 'em off.

The following day we set out for our proposed day walk. Through the forest we go then up, up and out onto the saddle between Favnoajvve and Huornnasj. As we'd hoped, there are wonderful views.

Best of all we are rewarded with a super encounter with three, young, male reindeer who seem inquisitive as they wander, slowly in a complete circle around us before leaving.


So pleased to be able to see these beautiful animals relatively close.

We return to camp, elated by a wonderful day in the Swedish hills.

In the morning, we leave for the final couple of days' walk south to Kvikkjokk, with a camp along the way.

And, 9 days after leaving here, we hit the Kvikkjokk Fjallstation again.

We pitched the tent then treated ourselves to lunch in the dining room. The elkburger was was the beer!


And another fine trip into the Arctic ends. All that's left is the small matter of 6 hours on buses back to Lulea, leaving here at 05:20! But the buses are fairly comfy and we're back at the hotel in good time for a shower...bliss...and lunch in the city.

Flights home next day and it's all over...for another year.

We're already contemplating next year's visit.

Smile...and thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment. We're happy to receive any questions, which we'll do our best to answer.

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