Saturday, 7 May 2016

Highlands, May 2016 part 1

Ok, so first, writing this post on new phone so please excuse errors.

Leaving home on Sunday, 1st May we stop en route for lunch with my Dad in Wetherby then afternoon tea at Knipe Towers, home of the Pieman. We walk the dogs with the Pieman and Lucky the Dog then it's off for a wild van camp, somewhere on t'Northumberland moors.

Next morning we rattle up the roads, eventually arriving at the east end of Loch Rannoch, where we fall asleep.

In the morning we wake to this.

So it's Tuesday an' I'm flappin cos there's nowhere in Kinloch Rannoch to beg, steal or borrow water. Map reveals campsite 3 miles away, in the forest. Applying throttle as we take off sees van's front, driven wheels digging themselves deeply into newly laid gravel. Oh dear! Switching off traction control allows wheels to spin themselves free.. Phew! Close call.

Kilvrecht Forestry Commission campsite's a gem. Quiet. £8 a night. A temporary problem with water means boiling drinking water. Can always drink beer eh?

Now we're off on a walk through the forest. Dogs are in seventh heaven. No sheep. No people. Relaxing fun.

Wednesday is another forest bimble but we're working towards Chrissie's first backpack tomorrow. We shop at the small store in Kinloch Rannoch then we zoom off up the loch to find a wild camp spot for the night.

Now, it's Thursday, 5th May and I'm dropping Chrissie an' Pebbles at Bridge of Ericht for their backpack north to the, reputedly haunted, Ben Alder cottage on Loch Ericht.

Meanwhile, little number two adventure-dog-in-training and I are off to tackle the mighty Schiehallion.

And for the night, we find a place with an appropriate view of Schiehallion's summit.