Saturday, 10 May 2014

Caught the cycling bug

Since Chrissie bought me a new mountain bike for my big birthday last year I've bin bitten by the bug.

My pal Hamish & I have enjoyed many off-road  rides together including on Arran last October, which was when I suggested tackling the Coast to Coast cycle ride (C2C).

So, the plan was hatched and the date set; Easter 2014.

In between times I bought myself a touring bike; fancying the idea of ... touring.

I had fun trying cycle camping/bikepacking for the first time in my life. Went off from home to Leek and back to see what a fully loaded bike felt like. Covered around 75 miles over two days. Such fun:

So enamoured was I with my new Dawes Karakum that I opted to use this for the C2C. Hamish stuck with his trusty Whyte MTB.

We had a great time.

It was just wonderful and not really that challenging. We must be sooooo fit!

I feel dangerously like a proper cyclist ... so I went out and bought some lycra to celebrate.

Soon we're off to the highlands for a cycle tour with wild camps. Hamish has got really carried away and bought a rack for his trusty Whyte! The gullible fool.

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