Saturday, 19 May 2012

An update

It's six months since I posted on here, which is shameful.

'Truth is, I've been busy enjoying myself, travelling and dealing with the consequences of Chrissie's broken leg (see her blog for the full, gory details).

I feel like I've got a little time on my hands for the first time in six months. Not long though; we're off on another motorhome trip in less than two weeks. Sometimes, life's too short to fit in all this fun.

We're just back from a 10 day, rehab trip in the van for Chrissie before she gets back to work ( pause, to listen for sounds of whip cracking) and that came only a few days after I returned from a mega-trip to Morocco on my beloved motorcycle (MBM). And it was that trip that inspired me to make a significant change on here.

Here's Chrissie, getting back into walking:

So, note the change of title for the blog. I've left the web address as it was, so as not to confuse returning visitors, but, so keen was I to document my Moroccan odyssey, that I felt the need to expand the scope of my blog. So, from here on, it'll cover all my travels, be they on foot, motorbike, motorhome or indeed, anything else wot takes my fancy.

The new title, "Far not Fast", was inspired by that great, inspirational, adventure motorcyclist, Ted Simon, who, in his book, Jupiter's Travels said he preferred to, "travel far, not fast". I need to check that quote later for accuracy, but the gist of it is correct. As I mature in years I find more and more that I need to travel at a steady pace, the better to absorb the sights, smells and spirit of the places I pass through. I could never be a fell runner, nor is there much danger of me exploring the limits of MBM's handling and speed capabilities. And in the motorhome, well fuel's so damned expensive isn't it?

Your feedback is always welcome, but be assured, all those motorhome enthusiasts out there, there should still be plenty to interest you and you can always ignore the biking bits. I hope though, that you might find them interesting anyway. Equally, any bikers visiting, feel free to gloss over the boring motorhome bits; or maybe you'll give 'em a glance. Perhaps I might even inspire some from each camp to explore the delights of motorbikes/motorhomes?

Soon to come on here; two or three motorhome trips not posted so far and ... Motorbiking in Morocco. Here's a pic of me and MBM in the Sahara Desert:

So, it's "Far not Fast".

Let the adventures continue. Smile!


  1. It looks like my hair's gone totally grey in that photo!

    1. No, it's just colur separation x


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