Monday, 1 June 2015

The end of my End to End cycle ride

It's Sunday 31st May and I'm sat in the van at the Caravan Club's Dunnet Bay site in pouring rain.
Yesterday afternoon I rode into John O'Groats in glorious sunshine along with fellow LEJOGers, Nicky & Rachel. The final 20 miles from Thurso were a delight; easy riding, fine weather and pleasant company. Such a blissful end.
I'd hoped to give my beautiful Thorn some tlc today, it having borne me successfully along the entire route but it'll have to wait for a better day.
Highlights? I've been asked this a few times towards the end and my answer's always the same; the wonderful people I've met on the route.
Sandy, who I shared breakfast with before departure. Well done on your LEJOG.
Stephen, who rode the second half of day one with me. Hope your LEJOG went well.
Stephan, who gave me coffee as I waited for the King Harry ferry.
Ellen, Sally, Charlie & Scooby who accommodated and fed me and gave me tlc on a bad morning.
Ian and Ian, who fed me fish and chips and beer and made me laugh so much.
Nicky and Sarah from Nottingham, who I rode with for a while along the Welsh/English border.
Ian and Anne Barton and their lovely children who let me stay in their beautiful farmhouse near Whitchurch.
Ian rode with me up to Delamere Forest.
Tony from Leek on his red Thorn Sherpa.
The lovely Pastor Michael at the Quench Cafe, Culcheth for his peace and spirituality.
Ryan at On Yer Bike, Blackburn who checked my tyres for me.
Ben, Sam and Alec who visited at Clitheroe.
Hamish and Kim who joined me and Chrissie at Clitheroe. Hamish rode to Morecambe with me.
Ian Woods who shared his home, food and wine and many stories in Morecambe. Ian guided me towards Kendal.
Wendy for kindness, cakes and tea at Carnforth.
Tommy Page on his Thorn Raven Tour, making his way round the coast of the UK. Hope it's going well Tommy.
Ria and Bob for making me so welcome in their lovely Kendal home.
Alistair Wright, who recognised my Thorn outside Starbucks in Carlisle.
Stewart and Kath Wallace near Annan for just being so lovely and friendly.
Linda and Harro from Holland, who fed me pancakes and tea at Lochgilphead.
Marika, from Canada who made me tea and kept me company at Gairlochy. Hope your trip's going well.
The two, very funny North Eastern kayakers at Loch Ness Shores.
Andrew, the lovely warden at Dingwall Camping Club site.
Nicky and Sue on their Thorn Nomads, on their way round the UK mainland.
And especially Nicky and Rachael who I first met at Ardrossan, waiting for the Arran ferry. Despite trying, I just couldn't shake these two off and they kept creeping up on me at ferry terminals and cafes. It was lovely to share the final miles and moments with you two.
I must also thank all who've sent messages on here and on twitter which made me feel supported and all those of you who've donated to my chosen charity, Cancer Research UK in support of my trip.
God bless you all.
Finally, thanks to my biggest supporter, the fantastic woman with whom I'm proud to share my life, Chrissie. I love you.
Oh, nearly forgot my canine angel, Tilly x.


  1. I was a pleasure to help you along your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Lots of Ian's on your trip!

    1. Cheers Ian. Make sure you get up to the Peak District so I can repay the kindness. Ride safe and hope the hand's mending.

  2. A wonderful achievement Geoff and a worthy one.

    1. Thanks for all your support Dawn AND the further donation. You're a star.

  3. well done Geoff congratulations ....see you got finished before the weather got really bad ...(theloafer)

    1. Yep, bit of a rush but very enjoyable end thanks.


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