Friday, 26 February 2016

Hilleberg Enan; update re the leakage problem

If you read the post of my January backpack in the Howgills you'll know all about the problem I had in heavy, driving rain with our Hilleberg Enan; if not, read that first.

Well, having contacted Hilleberg direct, at their suggestion I emailed Taunton Leisure, who supplied the tent. They were happy to have the tent collected, at no expense to us, and returned to Hilleberg for assessment.

Having referred to the problem on Twitter, I linked Hilleberg into the comments I received there and, within a couple of weeks, I received a tweet from Hilleberg to say they'd found a fault with the tent and would be replacing it. Within a week it had been delivered to us, via Taunton Leisure, on a date agreed with me.

So, despite the minor inconvenience on that wet, stormy night, it's good to be able to report excellent customer service from both Hilleberg and Taunton Leisure.

I don't know what the actual problem was, but can only assume it had something to do with the stitching along the pole sleeve. It seemed unnecessarily churlish to interrogate Hilleberg since they were clearly intent on solving the problem to our satisfaction.

Mistakes are always possible in any field of manufacture and, in my view, it's how these are sorted out out that marks out a good retailer/manufacturer/customer relationship.

Here's looking forward to more adventures with our Enan (as well as the other tents in our armoury) for Chrissie and me and well done to Hilleberg and Taunton Leisure.


  1. Good to see such excellent service Geoff.

  2. Amazed that a Hilleberg tent might leak! Any update on the replacement Enan? How is this one in the rain? Thanks. Great Blog BTW.

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for visiting. The Enan has now seen extensive use and has given no problems in rain. We did seal the seams though. Be aware, newer Enans are made from a very slightly heavier fabric. Hilleberg had some problems in manufacture with the lighter fabric but it's still up to the job.


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