Thursday, 16 June 2016

Highlands, May 2016 part 4

Leaving Skye behind us we dash down to Morvich for an assignation with another Twitter friend, David, alias @FellBound. We're heading for the Caravan Club site and the afternoon sees us bimbling up the valley into woodland.

David arrives next morning, aided by his handsome collie, Moss. Pebbles is in love with Moss. We take an amble together before David and Moss join us for dinner ... and drink all the beer.

Chrissie's considering a backpack from here but the weather's taken a turn for the worse so we scoot off down towards Killin and I drop Chrissie off along the route so she and Pebbles can spend a night out. Read about it here.

Next day, Islay and I tackle the mighty Ben Lawers; her second munro.

The following day, Chrissie an' Pebs return and we enjoy meeting yet another Twitter pal (there's a theme here. We're on a "collect Twitter friends" journey). This time it's Claire, aka @pixiepippi who's on walking trip here herself. She has a busy schedule but finds time for a doggy bimble with us, around and about Killin. We enjoy tea and cakes, before Claire dashes off for more fun with walking buddies.

Now it's off via Fort william again for a rapid restock then ... Braemar. We spend the night at the Caravan site there, then me and choccy drop are away up Glen Dee and into the jaws of the Lairig Ghru to Corrour bothy. There we meet a fellow backpacker with his border collie. She and Islay soon hit it off and have much fun charging about together. We all camp near the bothy.

I think those pics speak for themselves. We have a fab time.

Back at the Caravan site we chill ... and Chrissie makes a mess ...

... before disappearing up Glen Ey with Pebbles, as retold here, for another overnighter.

Meanwhile, me and the choccy one spend a day exploring Glen Quoitch.

Back together again, we spend a final night in Braemar. We thank the weather Gods for smiling on us for the vast majority of our trip and, in fine style, they appear to respond.

We set our sights on home. but spend a final night in Scotland, in Edinburgh, meeting up with our good friend Chris Lines ( a frequent travelling partner of mine). Chris is en route with his bicycle from John O'Groats to Lands End.

More on Chris's journey on here soon, as I join him for the final leg, from Bristol down to Lands End.

So it's the end of a fine month, traveling, backpacking, eating, drinking and socialising around the Scottish Highlands. Here's to our next trip north.

Soon, we're off to Arctic Sweden. Life is good. Smile!


  1. Wow, awesome photos, Scotland in all her glory! See, it does not rain all the time! A doggy paradise too. Such lovely areas, many of them familiar to me. Brilliant write up Geoff.

    1. Thanks Dawn. Sorry, only just saw this. But we had a great time. Probably off up again in our new van in September.


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