Wednesday, 6 July 2016

End of an era.

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and sold my motorbike; my beloved BMW R1200GS Adventure.

It wasn't too hard. If I'm honest, I gave up riding it seriously around four years ago, following my second trip to Morocco. Stopping motorbiking was a consequence, largely, of the purchase of our motorhome. This had given a new focus to our travelling. I was retired and enjoying the freedom our van offered.

Losing a significant amount of weight a couple of years ago played its part too. I could no longer see myself travelling without being able to exercise regularly, which is harder on a motorbike. Without the necessary gear to hillwalk on board, I couldn't see me taking walking seriously. Also, I'd become a born-again cyclist and, with a couple of serious cycle tours behind me, I realised I preferred pedal two-wheeling to petrol power.

So, it's gone and I'm not too sad. I sold it, with minimum fuss, back to the BMW dealer who supplied it.

My days as a motorcyclist are over. Yesterday, was probably the last time I'll ever ride a motorbike.

But, life is good. We're presently looking forward to a week-long trek in Arctic Sweden in August and, simultaneously, awaiting delivery of a new motorhome; more news of that soon.

No tears. No regrets. Life goes on.



  1. Even so Geoff, the end of an important of your life. It is many years since I lost all my bikes and racing trike. Even now I still get a hankering to get another bike. Cycling and walking are great pastimes, interchangeable too. Enjoy Sweden and remember the midge cream!

    1. Thanks Dawn. It is a little sad to see it go, but I have a good and healthier life now. I do enjoy the way I can swap around cycle touring and backpacking as the whim takes me. Much of my gear being good for both pursuits. And yep,repellant already packed :)


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