Wednesday, 7 September 2016

TwentyPoundLand; the Crowthers' annual sale

Following a massive tidy up this week Chrissie and I are pleased to announce our spectacular, annual sale.'s TwentyPoundLand! 

No need to ask the price's... twenty pounds! You can be the proud owner of any of these cast offs...desirable items or bundles guessed it...twenty pounds! Yes £20!

Of course, that's £20 if you pick it up. At this price, if you want it posted that'll be extra, thank you. Fancy thinkin' we'd include postage...cheek! Plus, we'd need a cheque or some crisp notes posted to us first.

All of the kit is in good working condition, no repairs, ready for adventure.

So, in no particular order;

A Thermarest Prolite 4. Short 3/4 length, 464g. Older style backpacking mat, but still very practical. No stuffsac. BOTH OF THESE NOW SOLD


Shown folded with cap for scale (cap not included in sale).

We have two of those and no, it's NOT £20 for two. They're £20 each...silly! BOTH NOW SOLD

A Thermarest Neoair Small, 3/4 length. It's an original one, hardly used, similar to the X-Lite, 272g. Modernish backpacking mat at a giveaway price. With stuffsac. Be quick! NOW SOLD

The good lookin' bloke's NOT included.

We've kept Thermarest in business over the years. They'd have folded if not for us. Here's a Thermarest Neoair All-Season mat. Medium length (168cm). Predecessor to the X-Therm. Ensure cosy, warm nights in cold conditions. With stuffsac. Hardly used, 536g. NOW SOLD

Next, a small bundle. An MSR Pocket Rocket stove in case, teamed with an MSR gas cartridge stand. The stove weighs 112g inc case. The stand's 33g. Pocket Rockets are fine, reliable stoves. We've still kept one, which we used as backup for our Jetboil Minimo in Sweden a coupla weeks back. NOW SOLD

Double glazing not included.

Here's another bundle. An Evernew, made for REI, titanium frying pan with folding handles, along with a very useful plastic trowel (use it for cooking or toilet duties; whatever your preference). Pan weighs 135g, trowel 69g.

Finally, for serious cold weather use (you'd need a yak to carry it), a Corinthia 1000 down sleeping bag, with a stuff sac and compression straps. It weighs 1.7kg and is seriously cosy. Would be great in a car or camper in cold weather. NOW SOLD

Gurgling jug not included.

Don't faff about it you want any of this. Reckon it'll go quick at this price (£20) and don't insult us with's twenty quid. Yes... £20!

Contact us via comments on here (I'll get an email) or, probably quickest, via Twitter; @GeoffCrowther1 or @Chrissiedixie2, or find either of us on Facebook, or send a carrier pigeon to Crowther Towers, Hayfield...or a drone. Best of all, pick up from here in Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire, England, Europe, Earth.

Smile quick...£20!

By the way, if you buy two items it'll be two twenty forty quid (£40) etc, etc...

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