Monday, 2 April 2018

March backpack; Bleaklow and Kinder

I'm feeling too busy to write this but it needs documenting, quickly, before other adventures take over. We've just picked up a new van, so a bit preoccupied.

Anyway, me an' Dale were supposed to be cycle camping last week, but neither of us fancied the forecast, so we decided to hike instead. The following's a rattle through pics.

We walked from Hayfield up over to a bowl on the lower slopes of Bleaklow. It (Monday) was a glorious day. Once camped, we lazed in the sun.

Tuesday was crappy weather. It mizzled mercilessly all flippin' day. We battled across the moors to Alport Castles, crossed the Snake Pass road and climbed up onto Kinder's far eastern edge before finding a camp spot on shorter heather.

Wednesday brought snow...again...fed up of it now. But we enjoyed the tramp around the southern edges before dropping down via Edale Cross, to Hayfield...and cheese on toast.

We actually had a great time...talking rubbish...grumbling...and laughing.

Thanks for a good trip Dale.

PS Can't compete with Dale for brevity...


  1. Looks like a good trip but I'm more interested in your other snippet of news :) New van? Look forward to seeing that.

    1. Yep. It's on the drive and we're off for a few days tomorrow. Blog post will appear soon Jayne.

  2. Hopefully we are seeing the last of winter weather? Cracking photos, they sum up things very nicely.

    1. Cheers Dawn. Heartily sick of this weather. More snow forecast on the tops here again tonight 🙄

  3. Brief but still enjoyable :)


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