Sunday, 17 February 2019

It's February!

Regular readers will know I have an appointment at Manchester Royal Infirmary tomorrow for an operation on Tuesday, so I'm pleased when Dale asks if either us fancies a camp this weekend. This'll be my last chance for a while.

It's been mild and dry all week hereabouts, so we head out for a fairly high camp on the south western slopes of Kinder. Islay's with us and she enjoys bimbling about and helping Dale as we stop to filter water en route.

In a short while we're up at our chosen spot. Despite the lovely weather there's nobody here. Islay plays in the grass as we erect tents.

No sooner is the tent up than Choccy Paws is in her bed. For the very first time it's her ultralight Woof Bag, made with love by Chrissie. I relax with a brew.

Here's the ultralight Woof Bag packed in its compression sack. It weighs around 400g and proves plenty warm enough for Islay when she's wearing her fleece pjs, in a night seeing a low of around 5C. For more information see here.

It's a beautiful evening. There's a view down to Manchester, which makes me pensive about my upcoming stay there.

The night is windy. The flapping of tent fabric and a racing mind make for a fitful night's sleep.

Morning dawns bright and blue.

We decide on a route round the western edge path before returning to Hayfield. On the way, Islap poses at the Kinderlow trig point.

Again, it's bright and dry. Islay receives lots of compliments about her pannier carrying skills.

By lunchtime we're home. Coffee, cheese on toast, cake and chatter. Then, it's back to thoughts of coming days...


  1. Good luck Geoff with the op. I'll be thinking of you both.

  2. Hope it all goes well Geoff.

  3. Nice last minute getaway before the Op. hope it all goes well (looks like it did according the FB updates! 😀


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