Saturday, 18 June 2011

Have tags, will travel!

Just this week the dogs had blood tests to ensure their rabies jabs have been successful. We await a call from the vet and hope to be able to pick up their pet passports soon. Then, it's simply a matter of waiting the required 6 months before they can come back into the UK with their passports. Prior to that we can take them out of the county, but not return, so it's pretty crucial to the process.

They also have to have microchips, but they both already had these. Dixie's amused by Steve's check with his scanner to make sure she's the same boxer on each passport visit. She's wondering if a Tesco scanner would work and what price it would come up with. We think she's priceless, but Tilly thinks that's b***ocks.

With luck we hope they'll be able to join us on our planned trip into the Arctic Circle next summer (2012).

Here they are, contemplating blood tests. Note that Tilly's smoking a twig; she reckons it helps her relax.

And they've been practicing for running on Norwegian beaches.

More news, hopefully in a week or so.

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