Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A new suit of clothes - update

So the new seat covers have arrived and very smart they look too.

Here's one of the front seats. These are stretch over covers, which are easy to fit and remove. Dee's folks actually fitted them for us.

And these are the covers they made for the sofas.

We're really pleased with the results. Those covers on the sofas are all enveloping ie they go right around the existing cushions with the fabric we chose. They all have openings fastened with velcro so should be fairly easy to remove for the occasional wash. We're particularly impressed with how the armrest/bolsters look. Please note that if the seat bottom looks a little loose it's because that's how we asked for it to be.

Dee couldn't have been more helpful and had several fabrics for us to choose from in the kind of colour and pattern we were looking for. We chose this one cos it doesn't argue with the fabric panels on the walls of the van. Difficult see in the photos but the fabric is a very short piled velour type. It's a fabric made especially for this kind of application and is washable.

Once again, find Dee's website at

They're based in Stockport but appear to do most of their business by mail order.

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