Friday, 1 July 2011

Clothes storage solution

I first used Eagle Creek luggage organiser bags in the panniers when travelling on my motorbike. Chrissie and I have found they work just great in the van. They are quite simple, but tough, zip bags available in a number of colours. Here's a pic of the large and small ones we use. They're on the van sofa with a standard cushion in view to give some idea of size.

Here they are in a locker. You can just see the keyring labels we use to show what's in each bag.

In there I've got four of the larger bags, with shirts and trousers and the like, and two smaller ones with knickers, hankies etc. Here I've just packed for a week away. For longer, the bags are a little fuller. Then we have a locker each and share a third one.

We bought our bags from Rohan but I believe Rohan have now developed their own brand which, I assume, will do the same job. Eagle Creek are still avalable elsewhere. I recommend them without hesitation.They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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