Saturday, 16 July 2011

You can see our house from up here

Today I decided, for the first time, to get up on the van's roof to give it a good clean. I do use one of those long brushes to do this from a step ladder every so often but I wanted to get to those nooks and crannies, including around the vents, where dirt acccumulates. I'm not good with heights but, aided by Chrissie's steadying hands on a ladder, I managed the job quite successfully. I restricted myself to kneeling so as to spread my weight and, hopefully, not dent the roof panels.

We have a few minor problems so the van's going to Spinney's next Friday afternoon.
Firstly, when running on gas the fridge burner keeps going out. It seems to happen at least once in a weekend. You can see the orange light flashing as it tries to reignite but you can only get it to work by switching it off then on again - just like a computer! A post on motorhomefacts suggests it may just be dust on the burner.

Next we a have a rattle on the cooker which, after lots of investigation, I found is caused by two rivets which should, but don't, hold the grill reflector in place. A bit of sloppy assembly by Thetford it would seem. I currently have half a clothes peg wedged in there to stop it rattling, but I did once light the grill before removing it. What's that burning smell?

Some time ago I found the cause of the water leak in the washroom. Water with coffee grounds in it revealed that it is, in fact, water from the waste tank coming in through the two plugholes in the shower tray as we're driving. We get round this by always emptying the tank before driving off from a site, but it can be a nuisance when wild camping.

Lastly, a broken lug on the plastic box in the bottom of the fridge means the lid doesn't open and close properly.

I'm taking the van in at 2pm, the only slot they have available and this is just four days before we're off to France again. I've said that the priority is the fridge burner. Don't really expect them to deal with the other, less important issues. The van will be due for a habitation service in September anyway. Let's see how they do.

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