Monday, 11 July 2011

Have tags, will travel! Part two!

While lazing on the moors near Malham, we picked up a message on our home answering service. The dogs' pet passports were ready!

So our pups now have their very own passports.

Tilly is so excited, as you can see.

And Dixie is simply beside herself at the thought of transcontinental travel!

By the way, we only allow dogs on the furniture on special occasions. And if you believe that ... you'll believe anything!

Of course, those of you paying close attention to the news of late will know that the powers that be have decided to relax the rules for pet passports ... from next January (2012). There'll no longer be the 6 month for the passports to allow re-entry to the UK (only 21 days instead) and no need for a £90 blood test for the rabies jabs. We've just forked out for two of these. Oh well!

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