Sunday, 24 July 2011

Last minute holiday prep

So, it was Spinneys on Friday.They looked at the fridge burner and fitted a draught deflector cos evidently the burner's right behind the lower outside vent; so the slightest draught could blow it out.They glued the fridge "salad tray"; seems ok. They put a longer length of pipe below the shower drain, with a bit of a dip in it, in an effort to stop waste water backing up into there; we'll see if it works. They reckon they'll have to remove the cooker to sort out the rivets and need more time to look at the wiring for the waste tank warning. No problem. They didn't have a lot of time and I'm happy for these bits to be sorted with the habitation service in Sept/Oct.

While we wre waiting we had a bit of fun persuading a couple in the sales area that what they really needed was an A/S Warwick. They seemed to take our tips in good heart. Or, if they didn't, they didn't let on!

Yesterday I checked the tyre pressures and found the front o/s down quite a bit. Topped 'em all up and checked the front o/s this morning again - gone down again! So, off we go to Kwik Fit in Glossop.
"No, can't do that mate, cos we don't have torque settings for van wheels so we can't take it off"
"I'll take it off then."
"Sorry, can't let you do that on our car park ... We can look at a loose wheel though, if you bring it in off the van."
Drive round the corner to Autoden, our favourite car accessory shop. Buy a vanity mirror for the passenger visor and ask if it's ok to take the wheel off outside their shop.
"No problem."
Remove wheel, roll it round to Kwik Fit, who, in double quick time, identify a leaking valve, replace it, rebalance the wheel and say, "No charge".
Down to Tesco for last minute shopping and return with a tenner for our friend at Kwik Fit. To be fair, these lads don't make the rules. They work for a big company with an unhealthy approach to health and safety. What if I'd found a flat tyre on the van while it was in their car park?
Anyoldhow, at least I found out about the slowly leaking valve before we hit the motorway down to Dover! Not only that, but now Chrissie can check out her limitless beauty from the passenger seat whilst travelling.

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