Thursday, 3 October 2013

Me and my dog go camping

I had a bit of a mental aberration last week. For reasons I'm really not clear about I decided to take Tilly on a backpacking trip.

Now, regular readers will know that I normally leave this sort of madness to Chrissie, preferring the home comforts of our lovely van when following silly outdoor pursuits of one kind or another.

Anyoldhow ... can't really explain it.

I'm no stranger to backpacking but most it was done some time back and mostly in the States. So I have the kit ... and the knowledge ... and, it seemed, the motivation. So, me 'n' Tilly packed up last Sunday and, late in the day, Chrissie dropped us off at a secret location in the Dark Peak and we toddled off into a howling gale to a remote wild camp site.

Next morning, having broken camp, me 'n' the dog went off for a long ramble over the length of Kinder Scout, ascending from Ashop Head and descending from the top of Red Brook down the three knolls path.

I've walked this route many times but never before noticed these two stones. How long do you reckon they've bin there, a-causing these two holes?


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