Wednesday, 27 January 2016

James' big walk in the States

In August this year, my friend James, aka Backpackingbongos, is taking on a really big challenge. Flying over the pond to Denver, Colorado, he's planning to walk 486 miles over the Rocky Mountains along the Colorado Trail to Durango. James reckons it'll take him 6 weeks to climb a total ascent of an astounding 89000ft. Wow! The trail he'll follow averages 10000ft in altitude and the whole undertaking is unsupported, with James carrying all he needs in a little bag on his back (I may have fibbed about the size of his bag), including a tent, cucumber sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer (I may have fibbed about that too). All on his own and ... he's only a lad!

Whilst having all this "fun" James is hoping to raise some brass for the John Muir Award, administered by the John Muir Trust. The award aims to increase, "awareness, understanding and engagement with nature and wild places". James is funding the trip himself, so all money raised will go to the John Muir Award.

I wish him well and if, like James and I, you love wilderness and all you find there, you might consider supporting this worthy cause on his behalf. If you're tempted, take a look here where it's straightforward to make donation.

You can read much more about James' endeavor in his own inimitable words on his blog, here. 

Good luck James!

By the way, that's James and me, pretending to be mountaineers, in the Cheviots a bit back. Shame he's not as good lookin' as me.

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