Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My journey as a potential living kidney transplant donor, part 4

Today I had an hour long interview with Suzanne, my living transplant donor coordinator, over the phone. She took great care in checking information she had on me and talking me through the rest of the process, or workup as it's called, towards, hopefully, a transplant.

The information was comprehensive and echoed much of what I'd learnt already but with plenty of time for me to ask questions. I found the process helpful and reassuring.

Suzanne's posting me some information and bottles to get samples for blood cross matching. When I get these I need to contact my local hospital to have the samples taken. It's hoped this can be done before I go to France on the 15th so I can post them to Suzanne. There then follows tests which can take up to three weeks, and an assessment will be made as to whether Jamie and I are a close enough match. All this will go on while I'm cycling through France. It's really good to know those five weeks won't be "wasted" time in this process and all credit to Suzanne for getting things moving along in anticipation of my trip.

I await the parcel...

...and, as ever, send Jamie my best wishes.

To read the whole story go to my kidney donation page which you can access on the left side of this blog.


  1. Progressive moves Geoff. Hopefully this will mean good news for Jamie. I am sure that I am one of many who wish him all the best.

  2. Thanks for the update. For Jamie I hope these tests all point to a good match. For you I hope they dont throw up any surprises you werent aware of. You wouldnt be having these tests if you werent doing this fantastic thing. Consequences on both sides. Tense time. Everything crossed here. Respect.

    1. Yes. All good points. Re anything unknown coming up I try to see that as a positive. If something's wrong I'd rather know. Thanks.


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