Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Kidney donation, part 6

A few days back from my adventure in France, I today made contact with Suzanne, my donor coordinator. You'll remember the important blood samples I had taken back in June. While I've been bimbling across France tests have been done to establish whether or not my blood is compatible with Jamie's by cross matching. In these tests our blood samples are mixed to see if there are any problems with antibodies. Following the tests, the team's scientists met to assess the results.

Well, having spoken with Suzanne this morning, it seems the end result is that my blood is a good match with Jamie's, which means I have the go ahead to carry on with the process. Such good news!

Tomorrow Suzanne will contact her counterpart in Manchester to hand me over, so the rest of the tests can be done locally.

I was pleased to be able to phone Jamie to let him know this very positive news.

I now look forward to making contact with my local donor coordinator in the next few days.

As ever, my thoughts are primarily with my friend Jamie as he continues with the ordeal that is dialysis. Pebbles and Islay send him love.

To read the whole story go to my kidney donation page which you can access on the left side of this blog.


  1. Brilliant Geoof, wonderful. keep us posted on how things go

  2. Geoff, pologoies, ruddy hand tremor, double tap every so often!


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