Monday, 2 July 2018

Olight H2R torch, very important further update.

Many of you will know I'm currently in France on a big adventure. In my absence the good folk at Olight have responded to my request for compensation following the incident where my review torch burnt a hole in our Terra Nova Southern Cross 2 backpacking tent.

After brief and courteous negotiations, Olight have paid me, in full, the cost of a replacement tent. They have asked for the damaged tent, which is here with me in France, when I return. I did a temporary repair prior to leaving, which is just about holding up.

I have always said that mistakes can happen but it's the way companies deal with it that really matters.

In my opinion, Olight have dealt with this matter in an exemplary manner and I applaud and thank them for that. Furthermore, they have assured me that, in light of my experience, the H2R will be fully reviewed by them and any necessary warnings included in the instructions.

Well done Olight and thank you.


  1. That is certainly a relief to know Geoff!

  2. I bought a used olight torch from someone online and I emailed Olight to ask if I could purchase the adapter sleeve for converting it to run on 2 x cr123 batteries instead of the larger cell. Within a very short space of time a package arrived which did not contain a replacement adapter but 2 brand new torches complete with their accessories. They explained these torches had been returned and the boxes were damaged and they could not guarantee they worked, but at the very least they had parts I could use. Both lights were brand new, unmarked and wired perfectly... they would have cost well over £100 if I bought them.

    The customer service was nothing short of outstanding and will be my go-to make of torch in the future.


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