Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's have another go then

It's a Tuesday afternoon and I'm feeling a bit flat having, only yesterday, returned from a fabulous two-week trip to Harris and Lewis (sounds like a pair of TV cops) in the Outer Hebrides, with Chrissie and the hounds.
I haven't writ anything on here for several yonks now and felt guilty when Pete from Glasgow asked if I'd be posting our recent travels on the blog.
So, praps I'll try again.
Of late, I've been doing some travel writing, which I've been lucky enough to have published in the motorhome press (primarily Practical Motorhome, but also MMM) so that's become a bit of a focus; 'specially since I get paid!
But, this medium satisfies a need for a more free form of writing, unconstrained by the confines of grammar, spelling and political-correctness.
Having updated my mobile phone for one which has easier access to t'internet, 'appen I'll use that too.
Be great to hear any comments from readers out there in the ether.
And as an appetite wetter, here's a photo of a wild camp on the beautiful Isle of Lewis.
Oh, and for those of you still waiting for the rest of my Morocco 2012 trip, it'll be with you soon; sorry for the delay.
Happy travels!

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