Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Morocco, April 2012, pt 4

Our final destination in Morocco was to be the hill town of Chefchaouen, which was a decent afternoon's drive from Volubilis. We rode into town and searched for a hotel. Our reward was the faded glory of the Hotel Parador, set right on the edge of the medina. In the main lounge is a wonderful mural:


We ordered beers and savoured them on the splendour of the terrace:

Intent on a rest before we caught the ferry back to Europe and the long drive home through Spain, we spent two nights here and explored the backstreets of the blue and white town at leisure the following day. The tranquil stay here was a fitting end to our Moroccan journey:

And, in fine style, our Moroccan odyssey came to an end. It had been a superb trip; everything I had wanted and more. We had travelled the quiet backroads and revelled in interactions with locals; catching a glimpse of their lives as we went. All that remained between us and home was a long hard ride through Spain that would hold the delights of heavy rain and a cancelled ferry, but none of that could diminish the memories of a joyous journey.

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