Thursday, 18 April 2013

Does my bum look big in this v.2

As with many out there, Chrissie and I, with inceasing years, had both developed a tendency to add a few (or more) inches to our waists. It creeps up on you y'know.
Anyoldhow, after Christmas this year I decided to get a grip on this. Searching for a calorie counter online I found a website called My Fitness Pal. It's not rocket science, but allows you to keep a diary of your calorie intake and, importantly, also logs calories earned by exercise; hence today's post. A benefit of this is I've regained the incentive to get more exercise - so I can eat more! Since starting in January  I've got into the habit of walking around 1 - 2 hours everyday (at least), accompanied by my faithful lab. I always include uphill walking (a benefit of living down in a valley in the Peak District) and almost always carry a loaded daysac.
Has it done any good? You bet ... so far (that's from the beginning of Jan to today, the 18th April) I've lost 1 and a half stones (21 lbs). I'm so pleased with this. I feel better and, according to my love, Chrissie, look better too.
This strategy of little and often with exercise works well for me and paid off when we extended ourselves on our recent trip to the Outer Hebrides. After longer walks I had little tiredness and no aches and pains.
As for Chrissie, she's joined in and made excellent progress too, given that she's working, so exercise is not as easy. She cycles to work whenever possible and after battling with "women's problems" (I understand it's tougher for the fairer sex to lose weight) she's lost 15 lbs. Well done to her! No surprise then that she feels and looks much better too.
So, by way of smug celebration I thought I share with you mine and Tilly's walk today.
Thursday's my shopping day so, en route to the supermarket in Glossop, I usually stop off at the laybay at Chunal and we yomp off across the moor up to the trig point on Harry Hut, down to Worm Stones and back. Today, it took us around an hour but I have to drop off our van at a nearby garage later so I'll have a half hour walk back from there.
Here's Tilly at Worm Stones:

Then at Harry Hut:

And back at the Scooby (aka our Subaru Forester):

Incidentally, those who know labs will understand that they easily put weight on. Along with me, Tilly now looks leaner and fitter, given that she's a stocky working build anyway. I don't know if she feels better but you can judge if she looks happy.

It's not over 'til the fat lady sings though and I'm aiming to lose another 9 lbs which will put me well inside a healthy body mass index range. I hope to achieve this over the next 3 months, prior to our long summer walking trip to France. Wish me luck.

Happy travels all!

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