Saturday, 11 May 2013

Is it me or is it cold in 'ere?

Now three winters into living with our lovely van it had become apparent that the rear doors were a source of cold air; not so much draughts as simply cold being conducted through the metal.

I reckon I've fixed it though. Removing the trim panels from the rear doors I found this paltry bit of insulation fitted by the folks at A/S.

More importantly, there was absolutely nil insulation behind the reinforcing bits of the door panelling, nor up the pillars. So, I went and bought some standard, 50mm thick, loft insulation slabs from Wickes and set about filling every nook and cranny with the stuff. I shoved it up the blind bits (oo, er, missus) with the aid of a cunning bit of stick until I'd filled every orifice, if you'll pardon the expression.


Then, feeling smug, I attacked the side door in a similar vein. I needed a touch of ingenuity cos I couldn't remove the whole trim panel without taking the door off, (which I wasn't prepared to do), but I managed, with the aid of my trusty shoving stick.

I then turned my attention to these little trim panels on't rear door pillars. Took 'em off and shoved away with insulation ... and my stick. Gosh it was fun!

By then I reckon I'd filled pretty much all the bit's of metalwork at t'back o' t'van (and the side door) with toasty warm insulation; mmm, cosy!

What about the front doors? I hear you ask. Well, I think, given the room you need for the windows to drop down inside there's not a lot of point in insulating the remaining bits. Anyway, mind yer own business! This posts about insulating the back doors ... ok? Sorry, that was a bit rude ... sorry.

Anyways. SWMBO reckoned there was lots of cold air coming in via the gap twixt the back doors, where there's only a thin bit o' metal between you and the big, cold, wintery world outside. So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with this.

The following sequence of pics shows how I used pipe insulation, a bit o' rubber, some stick'n'sew velcro and the fabric we'd used to cover our overhead locker bonce-protector (see Van Info) to make an effective seal between the doors, all kinda Barry Bucknell-like. Bits of velcro hold it in place when you open the doors. We think it's great!


I'd seen a similar idea done by one of the smaller panel van converters but theirs seemed to press stud over the gap whereas we've filled it with insulation ie fabric covered pipe insulation.

We already had the draught excluder at the bottom of the doors but now we've got the whole flippin' lot sealed up. Yet to be tested in the cold (never thought I'd be saying that this year!).

Only complaint ... it's bloody hot in here now (just kidding).

I couldn't be bothered explaining every step but if you'd like any detailed info on any aspect, just let me know and I WILL try to help; I'm only cantankerous on a few days each month.

By the way, Chrissie did all the lovely stitchy and sewy bits; she's a love. That sounded patronising didn't it? Wasn't meant to. I love her really; kissy, kissy, kissy xxx. We make a good team.

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