Monday, 13 May 2013

Something should be done about it; a rant.

Something should be done about it!
The weather I mean.
It's absolutely flippin' ridiculous and I'm seriously thinking of writing to my MP AND my MEP.
Dixie, our boxer is demanding access to the computer to email the RSPCA, so sickened off is she by the cold.
Even our furry choccy lab says she should have shed her winter coat yonks back. She says she needs more food ... to keep warm. Mind you, she ALWAYS wants more food.
Just this morning me and the hounds went for our daily consitutional over Lantern Pike, our local, pocket-sized hill. Just as we emerged onto the flat open space below the summit we were hit by an Arctic gale. And as for the gusts on the top. Well ... I just don't believe it. It's the 13th May for goodnesss sake! What is going on? It's an outrage. It's only a month or so to the longest day!
At Easter, we were hit by a snowstorm on the Isle of Lewis.
A couple of weeks ago we had snow again on the North York Moors.
It's enough to make my blood boil ... except it's too bloomin' cold.
Grrrrrr ... I'm sick to the back teeth of it.
Here endeth the rant.
That feels much better.
Dad ... Dad ... WHEN will it be warm again?

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