Monday, 20 May 2013

Independence day!

It's strange really. In over two and half years' adventuring with the van we have never camped wild for three consecutive nights without moving the van during the stay. So we didn't really know how our leisure battery would cope without a charge. Well, this weekend we did just that. With Chrissie not working on Monday we shot off up to Malham on Friday afternoon and found ourselves a nice little spot near the tarn and had three days of walking before returning on Monday afternoon. It rained on Saturday morning but I made the most of this and caught up with some article writing and we walked in the afternoon. In contrast, Sunday and Monday were delightful; spring having finally arrived. We took an extra 25 litres of water in a container, stashed in the washroom en route and we did need this. We all had a fantastic weekend. We do so love our van. Here are some piccies.

Happy travelling!

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