Saturday, 11 May 2013

It looks much bigger in here now ... like a TARDIS in fact

We'd coveted these Remis cab screens, so, with a bit of cash to spare, I ordered 'em and fitted 'em.

The least said about the fitting, the bettter. It was a bugger, and I'm a reasonbly competent DIYer. The main problem was the instructions, which had large, very significant gaps! Seriously though, if you want any detailed info, get in touch and I'll share my experiences in the hope it might make your life easier if you're up for this modification. To be fair, despite the problems, it's worth it. They look really neat and give a real feeling of space now the curtains have gone. The pale interior of the blinds also reflect light inside (like white painted walls) and really do make the van feel bigger, especially in the study (the front of the van).

These photos are mostly self expanatory:


Again, despite the difficulty, the finished product is high quality and looks great. And, before anyone asks, they cost about £490 including delivery.  I know ... expensive ... but they look good so what the heck? Can't take it with you.

Happy travelling to you all.

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