Sunday, 29 July 2018

A July camp at the Hanging Tree

The sole premise of this night out is to maintain my self-imposed challenge to wild camp at least once, every month of the year. It might be said that, since I camped for 31 consecutive nights through France, this is a touch pedantic, but what the heck. So I manage to talk Chrissie and Dale into joining me and, along with the pups, we spend a pleasant night up by, what Chrissie insists on calling, the Hanging Tree.

We time it well. Over the past couple of days the weather has cooled a little. Yesterday we had a brief thunderstorm. As we walk up to the camp though it's fine and dry and a pleasant temperature. 

It's late when we get there and time to cook dinner. Just cool enough, with a few spots of rain, to make us sit inside tents, but we chat and laugh through the evening.

I'm unsure about Chrissie's assertion that this place is spooky but, in one of my pics, a hooded figure makes an appearance. See if you can spot him/her...

With morning comes rain and we don waterproofs for the walk back home.

All fun.



  1. Nice one Geoff. Great to see Chrissie having a night out camping.

    1. Thanks Dawn. And yes it is. I'm pleased to say she seems to on the right side of her foot problem, thank goodness.

  2. Not pedantic at all, every month is at least once in each calendar month . . . I was meant to be doing the same in the campervan but that's not gone well!

    How is your lovely Eldiss?

    1. It's fine thanks but we've not yet done a lot. Somehow been busy with other stuff. Off in a week or two though.

  3. Nice wee trip, like the photo of Pebbles "grinning" :)


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