I now have four bicycles.

The first is a Whyte 801 mountain bike. It boasts an aluminium frame, front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. It's Whyte's entry level MTB but, a year down the road, it's suiting me and my abilities just fine. So far it's put up with a lot of abuse on Peak District trails and trips to Llandegla, the Dales and Arran.

My second bike is a Dawes Karakum. This a budget touring bike, the cheapest in the Dawes touring range, but I liked the fact that it came fully equipped with mudguards and front and rear luggage racks. It has an aluminium frame, 700C wheels, 27 gears, V brakes and butterfly, trekking handlebars. Shortly after buying it I loaded it with camping gear, using front and rear panniers, for an exploratory overnight trip and surprised myself with my ability to pedal a loaded bike up Peak District hills. It'll cope with easier unsurfaced trails too ... which is nice ... and useful.

Here's my Karakum on the C2C:

And here, loaded up on my first bike camping foray:

And a better picture here:

A further addition to my stable in Spring 2013 is a Cube Peloton Pro Triple. It's a pure road bike, again entry level (you can detect a theme here can't you?). It has an aluminum frame and carbon forks and boasts no less than 30 gears. The chain wheels have 50, 39 and 30 teeth and the cassette has 10 gears from 12 to 30 teeth.

Weighing around 9kgs it feels so light it just floats up our Peak District hills.

Last, but by no means least is a beautiful Thorn Sherpa; an adventure touring bike, it's a mix of road bike and mountain bike, having 26" wheels bearing 2" wide Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres. You can find the complete spec if you seek out my post, "The coming of the Sherpa". The chain wheels are 48, 36 and 26 teeth and the cassette has 10 speeds from 11 to 36 teeth.

This bike is to replace the Karakum, which is for sale if you're interested.

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