Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Day 19 pt.2

Flippin' 'orrible ride into a headwind to Moniaive. Wore me out. Revived after an excellent lunch at the cafe, enough to manage the easy climb over a col to fabulous open moorland. Now at picturesque wild camp with view of Merrick, highest lump hereabouts. Coffee in the sun!
36.3 miles. Tomorrow's target: make Ardrossan in time for an afternoon ferry to Arran.


  1. Cracking stuff Geoff, doing fantastic.

  2. Great to see these pictures as exactly the route I took now. This was where I had one of the few days of a following wind and had a great ride from Carsphlain to Annan. Can imagine a difficult ride with headwind. That was one of my regrets not wild camping whilst in Scotland, but just not comfortable with doing it as a woman on my own. Would definitely had made the most of it if I was cycling as a pair though. Enjoy your first ferry ride tomorrow. Quite a long day in store for you. I caught the first ferry from Brodrick and cycled to Carsphlain and was pretty tired by then. I came off the Ardrossan to Ayr cycle path and cycled through Tarbolton and wished I hadn't as the road was very up and down and into a headwind. I loved Arran though. Jackie


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