Friday, 1 May 2015

Fri 1st May

Fuss free drive to Penzance then a 12 mile bimble out to the Lands End Hotel. Very comfy. It's bin a long day. Waiting for dinner but an early night's on the cards. Excited!


  1. hi Geoff glad you arrived safe hope you get lots of sleep and steady with the beer lol ...and you have the wind at your back tomorrow
    (theloafer)= cyclechat

  2. Thanks to both of you. Bit damp. Now, where did I put those waterproofs? ...

  3. Just noticed your trip on backpackingbongos. If you want someone to ride with between Shrewsbury and Chester, I may be able to come along.

    Can also recommend a camp site in Shrewsbury and near Whitchurch.


  4. Cheers Ian. That'd be good. Probably riding Shrewsbury to Delamere Forest. Currently have a camp near Loppington. May I have your mobile number so can contact nearer time. Schedule says 11/12th May.

  5. Phone is 0798 938 5393. I live at SY13 4BB. Plenty of space to camp here, but probably a bit off your route. I can get the train to Shrewsbury, or maybe cycle there and back! There is a good pub at Loppington, although I haven't been for a while.

    Sorry if this gets posted twice, but Blogger seems to be having problems with my comments.


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