Thursday, 13 June 2013

A week's wanderings

I had a great time enjoying the outdoors in glorious weather last week. Regular readers will know C and I've been watching our diet since the beginning of the year and the net result for me has been to become pretty much addicted to exercise. So much so that I've actually struggled to eat enough to match my calorific consumption over the past week. What a result!

So here are a few random photos from a week of wonderful wanderings around home:


Enjoy your travelling and ....

... smile


  1. Looks like you had some good days out.

  2. Thanks, I did indeed. I'm a very lucky man to be retired, fit and well and live in a delightful location; for most of my walks I just walk out of the door.

  3. Beautiful photos, Geoff, and am intrigued by the rock markings!

  4. Hi Judith, thanks for visiting. The rock is on the western slopes of Kinder Scout. On it is an inscribed message in a runic script/code. It's known locally as the Dog Stone and is well hidden.


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