Sunday, 2 June 2013

The coldest spring in 50 years!

And yes, we're all a bit fed up of the weather; me included - see my earlier rant. But, while driving home today from a wonderful week of walking in Northumberland, I fell to reflecting on our most significant trips so far this year and thought I'd share a few photographs with you to remind us all of just how pleasant British weather CAN be.

First, stretching the defintion of spring a little I know, we spent a week in February in Norfolk as Chrissie walked the Peddars Way. This was an overnight pitch at a farm along the route:

Next, at Easter, we had a fabulous two weeks on Harris & Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. This walk took us along an old route in the NE of Lewis:

Just a couple of weeks back we snatched a quick, long weekend at Malham, in God's own county, where we wild camped for three nights in the van while enoying the spendid walking through limestone country:

And finally, we've today arrived home from our week near Kielder in Northumberland. The weather and walks were wonderful (and not a little alliterative eh?). Here's Dixie posing atop Black Pike:

So, I'm sure you can see my point. Yes it's bin cold, but also very dry. Difficult for farmers I know, but often idyllic for us outdoor lovers. Try not to forget, moaning about the weather is a British trait but it's not always based on fact.

I'll finish with a quick snap I took as Chrissie piloted the van expertly along the road home, near Hadrian's wall. I was struck at how suddenly green, fresh and ... yes I think I dare say it ... summery the contryside looked.

Perhaps we were just lucky.

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