Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday walk with Bernie

Rucsacs in the car. Dog in boot (don't worry, it's an estate ... ish) and off to Edale.
Lucky find, free car parking space near Nags Head outside the school.
Boots on, then off up the Pennine Way.
Turn right after the woods and up Golden Clough.
Sky is grey but it's dry and mild, near perect walking weather.

The view's pleasant, lookin' up:

Halfway up and Bernie and his pal demand a rest:

At the top, Tilly insists on a posed photo; prima donna!

Round the top o' Grindsbrook; no crowds, a quiet mid-week day.
On to Crowden Tower and down the steep, scratchy path by Crowden Brook.

Near the bottom, there's a picturesque little waterfall:

Back to the car and home for coffee, toasted teacakes and planning our trip to Islay; what drudgery!


  1. ...and some of us were at work....

  2. Yes, but the hounds and I still love you xxx


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