Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dad, Dad, wake up

Come on Dad, that sky's all blue again.
Can we do another walk like we did yesterday?
Come on Dad, come on.
You don't NEED any more coffee.

Great, where are we going today.
Kinder! Kinder! Kinder!
Aw, please Dad?

Look Dad, I found some treasure:

This is a bit steep Dad. What's it called Sandy Days?
Does it take us up Kinder again?

Buy why can't I chase them sheep. Bernie says they shouldn't be up 'ere since they built that new fence round t'top. That's why I'm chasing 'em; cos they shouldn't be 'ere!

Hey Dad, look at me up 'ere.
I'm nearly as big as this white thing.

Look, you can see our 'ouse from 'ere Dad!

Did you say it gets steep down 'ere? Like steps?
Come on Dad. Keep up.

'Ow did yer get past me Dad. WAIT!

Ok, now let me get in front so you don't get lost.
Keep up Dad.

I like that little 'ouse Dad. We could live there couldn't we, it's as big as the van. Bet there's lots o' yummy sheep shit in there.

Come on Dad. Keep up.
Y'know what you always say to me, "We've come out fer a walk ... not a stand."

Right ... you just stay there for a minute while I wash me fur. And don't run away. Sit!

Right, that's better.
Now let's get 'ome for a Jumbone.
And stop messin' about tekkin pictures.
Yer've seen it all before anyway.
Come on Dad!
If yer good ya can 'ave some more coffee.

Ee ... that was fun.
I love you Dad!



  1. Don't you just love dogs when the so happily bring you a pressie, looking so pleased with themselves?

    Especially when its a dead rat!

    Yes, one of the border collies I had, from a rescue home, brought me a dead rat one day while out walking!

    Pleased as punch, tail wagging and a quick woof after dropping the thing at my feet.....


    1. Yuk indeed. However I'm not really surprised.
      'Seems to me, dogs'll do just about anything to grab your attention ... or, indeed, show you their undying love.
      As you say, "Don't you just love dogs ... "
      Thanks for commenting.
      'Hope you enjoy the blog.


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