Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Let's blow some cobwebs away

This morning I took the van into a local garage for a service and underseal check. It's just down the road from us so, leaving the garage Tilly and I went for an hour and a half walk over Lantern Pike. At the summit we saw a guy wearing no clothes except a cap and shoes, and carrying a small rucsac. I kid you not. I wondered why he was wearing the cap though? Sun protection?

Anyhow, back home by 10:30 I needed to get to Rohan in Bakewell to collect some trousers. I ordered them from the Souk (their online discount store) before we went to Northumberland, to be delivered to the store. So a journey with MBM was in the offing.

It's fair to say that, over the past year, since MBM and I went to Morocco in 2012, she's been sadly neglected ... sitting quietly in the garage without complaint. I've been far too busy travelling with the van and walking to find time for the two-wheeled love of my life. Shouldn't complain really.

So, on with the bike gear, minus waterproof linings, the open faced lid and off into the glorious sunshine. Perhaps you'd like to join me? Go on ... hop on the back ... promise the ride won't be too fast; I'm in a bimbling mood. Ok, let's go then.

Here she is, MBM (my beloved motorcycle) all revved up and ready to go, ticking over quietly to herself:

Ok, wait 'til I'm on, stand with your left foot on the left side passenger footrest then swing yer right leg over the back. Mind the topbox. Ok, comfy? Right then, let's go:
Here we are at one of my favourite lunch stops, the cafe at Outside in Calver. I can park the bike out here where I can see it, then relax with a tuna mayo sandwich, salad and a pint mug of coffee. Plus it's warm enough to sit outside today. Bliss! What would you like?
Sometimes I have to remind myself just how much I love MBM. 'Hope you enjoyed the ride.


  1. Oooo Mr Geoff Crowther, I'm green with envy.....

    Nice set of wheels. :-)

    I was just thinking I recognise that bit of road, leading up to Calver.

    Incidentally, do you know that Outside are closing their Calver shop and cafe.

    I understand Spar will be moving in to the shop while someone takes on a lease for the cafe.

  2. Yes Fleegle, I saw that on twitter just last week. Hardly ever shop in the shop actually, just like the cafe and the fact I can park MBM just there, where I can keep my eye on her ... lest she decides to run away.
    Thanks for reading.


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